Is Lauren Conrad A Celebrity?

Lauren Conrad is currently the star of the hit MTV reality series, The Hills. She first appeared on MTV’s reality show, Laguna Beach. On both of these shows, TV cameras followed Lauren, her friends, co-workers, love interests and others around to capture their daily interactions.

Recently, Lauren Conrad in particular has been involved in public controversy with her former friend and roommate Heidi Montag. All of the controversy started because Lauren didn’t approve of Heidi’s boyfriend, Spencer Pratt. There were rumors that Lauren had a sex tape, and Spencer was named as the one behind these rumors. Heidi and Lauren continued to feud on the Hills TV show, making it must see reality drama.

On Laguna Beach, Lauren also was part of a controversial story. Lauren seemed to be part of a competition for the heartthrob of the show, Stephen. Lauren’s competitor was Kristen Cavalari, and the two became bitter enemies. It was this show that really kickstarted The Hills, making Lauren Conrad a reality TV star of her own show on MTV. But is a reality TV personality truly a star?

It’s a sign of the times that reality television stars are amongst the latest celebrities. Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Kristen Cavalari are all considered stars today. None of these names has achieved any major acting awards or had a noteworthy career prior to the MTV shows. In fact they are famous from their appearance on the reality shows and their controversial real life disputes.

It seems as if our society is starting to create stars out of just about anybody. Other examples come from reality shows like Survivor, The Apprentice, Real World and Flavor of Love. From all these shows, individuals with interesting personalities have managed to get their own shows or launch big careers elsewhere.

Examples of the new reality celeb are plentiful. Omarosa reached fame on The Apprentice. Mike aka “The Miz” from Real World on MTV is now a member of World Wrestling Entertainment. The lady known as New York lost on Flavor of Love and is now a diva with her own reality show. Lauren Conrad is an aspiring fashion designer who’s now been in the headlines and on several TV shows. She appears to have earned easy fame and a name for herself however she chooses to use it. Welcome to the new class of celebrities, born straight from reality TV.

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