Why is Paris Hilton Famous?

While Paris Hilton may be generally famous for an intricate and delicately balanced culmination of many ingredients, there is one hot element that tops the list and makes practically everyone adore her. She has a chihuahua.

There are a lot of ultra thin, pretty, outgoing starlets and celebrity wannabes, but obviously there has to be something more, an extra element of flare and intrigue if the paparazzi are going to chase you down the street or auction off your sex tape on eBay. Could it be that above every other scintillating factor, the foremost key to all-consuming public appreciation honestly is to have a chihuahua under your arm?

Hilton is described as an American heiress and socialite. She’s a lovely girl and, despite all her unearned millions, has a certain common quality that makes her seem, almost, like one of us. Okay, a far richer and hotter and more famous version of one of us, but imaginably one of the regular folks nonetheless.

Paris has a sister, Nicky. Also a pretty girl and obviously also an heiress. The sibling socialite is no where near as popular as her big sis. Paris, born in ’81, is actually the older of the two. No kidding. Nicky, who has a more mature look, blessed the Hilton clan two years later, in 1983. Why is it that the media is not nearly as infatuated with the baby Hilton? Nicky isn’t blonde, not quite as skinny, has never enhanced her personal wealth with pioneering on-camera adventures (note Paris’ reality show with ex-pal Nicole Ritchie, as well as the sex tape) and, most importantly, we have never, not even once, seen a photo of Nicky H. with a chihuahua.

There are several heiresses whom Forbes magazine has seen fit to feature; Dylan Lauren, Amanda Hearst, Georgina Bloomberg, Samantha Kluge and Alannah Weston are all among the ladies who’ve been mentioned in the financial rag’s listings of who’s who. Have you ever heard of them? Neither have I. Although I did see Ms. Bloomberg on NBC once, in a horse jumping event, that doesn’t quite qualify her for Paris-level fame and recognition.

So, why are all the lovely ladies on this heiress list not a household name to the degree awarded to Paris Hilton? They’re all wealthy and gorgeous and possess any number of notable talents. Now then, what really is the infatuating factor that makes the public want to know all about Paris? Sure, she’s skinnier than all the contemporaries, more blonde, and, right, there’s that enterprising camera-friendly characteristic.

But, what’s most relevant is that she has a chihuahua (well, technically several chihuahuas… reports disclose that she has a tendency to forgetfully leave them in random places and, having all that heiress money, it’s just easier for her to pick up a new one). Chihuahuas are hot.

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